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About US

CU is the industry leading 24/7 convenience store in Korea.
CU’s 12,000+ franchise stores are with you anywhere throughout the country and bring freshness everyday through a fresh and interesting assortment. Find all your needs and wants in CU.

Fresh & Refresh, CU

Refresh your daily life with our freshness.
CU is always with you as you start off the day, take a break in between, and refresh for the next day.

Average Number of CU
Customers per month Reaches

This is equivalent to every resident of Korea visiting CU more than once every month. CU tries to make the customer’s valuable day a better day at the most convenient location

Brand Story

Refresh with ourfreshness

CU is a place where you can take a break, find comfort and refresh your time.
Beyond simple daily necessity items and services, CU strives to provide a daily
life platform for recharging and reinvigoration the day.

Refresh your everyday with CU

  • 1) Enjoy the delightful experience of starting and finishing your day with CU through
    out superior quality and valuable service
  • 2) CU is always nearby, ready to provide you with the best products and quality
cherished and precious
new and fresh

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