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The Largest Number of CVS in Operation
in the Industry

Network of Vertex That connects East to West and
South to North, covering up to Baekryung-do,
Ulleung-do and part of North Korea

CU has completed a nationwide network by opening
the largest number of stores (approximately 260 cities
and counties) in the industry, and launched a new era
for the industry by opening stores in Kaesong
Industrial Complex, North Korea, in 2002.

  • Seoul 1654 stores
  • Incheon /Gyunggi2236 stores
  • Daejeon/choongcheong 912 stores
  • Gangwon 470 stores
  • Daegu/Gyungbook 593 stores
  • Busan/Gyungnam 1199 stores
  • Gwangjoo/Honam 634 stores
  • Cheju-do 241 stores
  • Kaesong 3 stores(No other brand exists)
  • Baekyung-do 2 stores
  • Ulleung-do 2 stores (No other brand exists)