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Gift Card

Gift Card

In an industry first, CU offers its own gift card, which can be charged and used at any CU in the nation. This gift card can be used as a low-cost gift for a friend, family member or other acquaintance, as it can be purchased for \10,000 and charged in increments of \1,000 (Note: there are several CU stores that do not sellor accept the CU gift cards).

CU Gift Card

  • Purple
    ※ Issuer: BGF Cashnet
  • Happy Day
    ※ Issuer: NICE I & T

Gift Cards Sold at CU

  • tstore
  • teencash
  • olleh wifi
  • nexon
  • sk telink
  • funny card
  • woori ddt com
  • joe sandwich
  • nintendo
  • df
  • the foot shop