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CU Membership

CU Membership Service

You can enjoy various benefits from CU membership, and earn points that you can conveniently use at any CU in the nation.

  • Accrual of Points
    Maximum 2% of points accrued
    at any CU in the nation
  • Use of Points
    Points exceeding 500 points
    can be used just like cash
  • Benefits of Points
    Various benefits for members
  • Mobile Service
    Smart membership
    within your hands

CU Membership Card

  • Up to 2% of purchase amount can be accrued as points, when purchasing items ranging from triangular sushiroll to liquor
  • Points exceeding 500 points can be used like cash
  • Points can be used 2 days after their accrual
  • Points can be accrued to cellphone number and used without card (exclusively for members)
  • Points can be retrieved via website (PC web and mobile web), and various benefits such as additional accrual of points are offered!
  • Points can be accrued and used conveniently with the mobile application, and the accrual of stamp and coupon management can also be conveniently performed!

※ Accrual and use of CU membership points cannot be combined with SKT discount, OK Cashback, or any other discount or points accrual program.