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Courier Service and Pick-up

Courier Service

Courier service is available 24 hours/day and 365days/year at CU. You can use this service at a less expensive price at a CU where a post box is installed.

  • Fare for Courier Service
    Minimum of \2,600
    (Fare is decided depending upon the weight of the package.
    Refer to the price table.)
  • International Courier
    Post Office EMS
  • CVS Coupon Service
    Discount coupon and various event coupon that can be used
    in the vicinity of a CU that includes a post box can be issued
    for use.
  • Delivery Date
    If the package is sent by 5:00 pm (in the vicinity of Seoul and the
    Metropolitan area; for other areas, 3 pm), it will be delivered to
    the destination the next day, but the closing hours of the service
    may be different depending upon the individual CU (Saturdays:
    12 pm, on Sundays and holidays only receipt of orders is
  • Shopping Transactions, etc.
    You can send between persons or return purchased merchandise
    conveniently, using the verification number received from
    affiliated partners like Auction, G Market, Aladdin, Interpark,
    Hyundai Home Shopping, GS Home Shopping, and Safeu.
  • Service for Recycling of Used Cellphones
    This is a differentiated service for trading of used cellphones, in
    which CU purchases used cellphones from customers at an
    appropriate price, using expert appraisers affiliated with SK

Pick-up Service

You can use the pick-up service, which allows you to pick up merchandise at CU after purchasing it through an online shopping
mall. If you designate CU as the destination when ordering online, the ordered merchandise shall be delivered to the CU. When
the merchandise is delivered to CU, an SMS and email shall be sent to you, and you can pick it up at CU (ID and resident
registration number is required for verification of the designated recipient).